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SJ Executive Team:


Tracy Burjan:
Artistic Director and Co-Founder


Sada Muramatsu:

Artistic Director



Flora Benson:

Orchestra Manager


Estelle Southall:
President (Principal of Homebush West Public School)


Elaine Pensabene:


Symphonia Jubilate is a public school symphony orchestra organisation made up of students predominantly from primary and secondary schools in the Strathfield and Canterbury education networks. Founded in 2013 by Tracy Burjan and Luke Wallace, the organisation aims to provide students with an opportunity to rehearse, learn and perform quality orchestral music from a diverse range of musical styles, as well as to foster a new level of music appreciation and skill.


Mission Statement:

To spread the gift of music through collaboration for the benefit of students and the wider community.



The orchestra will be a growing dynamic initiative that responds to the opportunities presented to collaborate and perform music of a high standard.