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Symphonia Jubilate Outback

We're excited to be launching Symphonia Jubilate Outback! Our vision is to establish a symphony orchestra of strings, wind, brass and percussion for students in Western NSW.  Inspiration for the SJO project came from a magical evening spent in Warren when SJ toured the outback in April earlier this year. The effect of music on this community suffering from drought was evident in peoples' faces and tells of the immense power of music to unite and uplift communities. 


Below are some words from Frances Evans, Music Teacher, Warren Central School:


"Warren is a town located in the Central West of NSW approximately 7 hours drive west of Sydney. Population approximately 1600. An agricultural hub, Warren is famous for Merino sheep production, cotton, cattle and grain. The Wailwan people are the traditional owners of the land.

The current drought, which now looks to stretch into its fourth year, has taken a huge toll on the people of Warren and the local economy. The normally fertile, natural grass plains have turned to dust. And with no rain, there is no sowing or planting of crops. Many families have had to leave the district to find work elsewhere. Farmers battle depression, feed bills and dust storms. 
It is difficult to explain in a few short sentences how drought feels. Some days you feel like you can get through it, as generations have before. Other days you feel kicked to the ground. It may be a weather forecast, a story of someone's loss, a sheep going down unexpectedly, another empty store front or a song on the radio. This drought continues to break all the records.
However, country folk are a resilient breed... There has recently come a time of rebuilding music making in the community. We boast a community choir, school choirs and instrumental tuition for children in Wind, Brass, Voice and Piano. Warren Central School Primary Choir has performed at numerous community events and is enjoying a reputation of being focussed, committed, enthusiastic and enjoyable to watch. Music teacher Nick Evans tutors over 25 students various Wind and Brass instruments and is able to bring them together to form a band for performances.
With the support of Symphonia Jubilate and its committed and generous community, over the next period of time Warren will build and nurture its own Symphonia Jubilate Outback Orchestra. The vision for this ensemble is long term. This opportunity has excited the community.
On behalf of all music lovers in our community- and those that are about to become music lovers!- we thank you for your warm invitation... generous hospitality, friendship, support, dedication and encouragement."