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To spread the gift of music through collaboration for the benefit of students and the wider community



2021 SJ orchestras and recorders 

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Symphonia Jubilate is open to all students currently enrolled at a NSW public school. There is no minimum level of ability and no auditions as our goal is to foster a safe and encouraging environment in which students can learn to have fun playing music together.


Affiliated Schools

In 2021 our affiliated schools are: Concord High, Strathfield Girls High, Homebush Boys High, Strathfield South High, Burwood Public, Homebush West Public, Concord West Public, Marie Bashir Public, Victoria Avenue Public, Enfield Public, Mortlake Public, Sydney Technical High School and Strathfield South Public Schools. Affiliated schools contribute staff and funds to the orchestra and therefore membership fees for their students are a little less than for students from non-affiliated schools.


Annual Membership Fees


 Affiliated Schools

 Non-Affiliated Schools

First child



Additional children from the same family*

 $70 per child

 $70 per child

*If one sibling is from a non-affiliated school, and one is from an affiliated school, the non-affiliated fee of $250 must be paid before the sibling is charged the cheaper fee of $70.


Membership fees must be paid through Strathfield South Public School (click here for payment instructions).



All members will need the black Symphonia Jubilate collared shirt to wear for performances. Size samples will be on display in the foyer at our first rehearsal for new members to try on before ordering. Shirts will cost $40 and must be pre-paid for at enrolment or within three weeks of enrolment day and will be handed out at one of our Term 2 rehearsals. Returning members who already have the 2019 performance shirt will not need to purchase a new one.